Jean-Baptiste Keck – Personal website

Jean-Baptiste Keck

PhD in Applied Mathematics

Computer Science Engineer

Academic teaching

All my academic teachings were given as teaching assistant for the Ensimag engineering school as well as for the Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM).


Company teaching


All my teaching between 2016 and 2018 were given as part of my consulting expertise duties (32 days a year during the two last years of my PhD) in a french company specialized in numerical simulation located near Bordeaux.

I had the opportunity to train engineers to various topics about high performance computing:

  • General introduction to parallelism: culture and new technologies (pdf)
  • Introduction to coprocessors (pdf)
  • Introduction to the Message Passing Interface standard (pdf)
  • MPI under Fluent (pdf)
  • Using the HySoP library (hysop-origin, hysop-current)